Getting the Love You Want

Discover the Joy of Being Together

Presented by Yvonne & Brian Pauling

For couples who want to create healthy, committed and loving relationships we offer the “Getting the Love You Want” weekend workshop developed by Harville Hendrix PHD and Helen LaKelly Hunt PHD.

Over the course of the weekend we will teach you communication skills you need to create safety in your relationship, so that you can once again experience connection, joy and passion with each other.

The workshop is designed to create a safe and relaxed and Confidential environment for all participants. You work alone and with your partner and you will not be required to share anything with the rest of the group unless you choose to do so..


You are starting a new relationship and you want it to be the best it can be.
You want to enrich and deepen an already good relationship
You are having difficulties in your relationship and want to resolve longstanding conflicts.
You are undecided about continuing your relationship.


Communicate using new skills that break destructive cycles of relating and that lead to connection instead of conflict.
Successfully express your frustrations and desires without criticism or complaints
Get the root of your problems and dissolve them
Create fun, romance, passion and intimacy

Join the thousands for couples worldwide who have transformed their relationships in just this one weekend.

“Your relationship, consciously lived, will be the greatest teacher in your life.”
Harville Hendrix

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  • “The best wedding gift we have given each other. What waste of time energy and painful emotions when we engage in reactive conflict, rather than conscious, thoughtful negotiations.”
  • “We both are on relationship/marriage #3. We came with a want to spend the next 20+years together and we believe this has been shown us the way to achieve a union of beauty.”
  • “This workshop has been a real turning point in our relationship. I came along in a mood of desperation and am leaving with so much hope for our future together.”